1 janvier 2017

Nominated for The Emmy Award 2017 ???

After 2 years storyboarding on our dearest King Julien, I might be nominated for the 2017 Emmy award for "individual achievement in storyboarding". Exciting!

Here the storyboard that may bring me the nomination :

After declaring a war with the Butterflies Kingdom, King Julien call for peace through this memorable hippie song --

13 octobre 2016

ALL HAIL KJ! Scene from "The King and Mrs. Mort", S04_ep07.

Pam, the evil mongoose, wants to marry Mort to become queen and leave the kingdom bare. Pam has a really Nasty/Frenchy/Fancy acting, I loved to play with this character.

Mort, here, has to deal with himselvessss -- First time we see what's in Mort's head. Many morts. Multiple personalities. Or are they? It was super fun to storyboard, we had this idea with my colleague Erika Schnellert, to be in a black infinite space where spotlights highlight every new Mort.

In this scene, Julien is about to loose his crown, stolen "legally" by Pam.

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Enjoy the full scene in animatic --